Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kara's Baby Shower!

Happy Baby Shower Kara! Although I wish I could throw a "real" baby shower for you, I'm so glad we have the technology to celebrate with you through our blogs! As promised, here's a picture of me when I was a baby. The date on the back says it was Easter 1971, so I was a little over a one. It was taken in Parma, Ohio at my grandparent's house in front of one of my grandfather's prized Cadillacs. His caddies only came out for special occassions, and this is a special occassion, so it's appropriate that the car is in the picture today! (Oh! Please don't eat any cake or anything in the car though! My grandfather would have had a fit.)

So, on with the shower. What's a shower with a card and a present? Here's my card:

It's vintage. It's from my baby book and was given to my mom when I was born-so you know it's OLD!

And now, for the best part! A gift! I had this lovely doll sent to Kara from one of her favorite Etsy Shops, Ravenhill. The shopkeeper, Emily was kind enough to gift wrap it and send it directly to Kara. Kara was under strict instructions NOT to open the package until today. I hope she was a good girl and kept her promise. I know Kara is having a boy, but boys can have dolls too-especially when their mamas love nesting dolls as much as Kara does! (This picture is courtesy of Emily!)
The other thing a baby shower needs is games! I want you to guess what Kara's waist measurement is and leave it in the comments. This will be hard, because we can't see Kara, but she's about 25 weeks along, so do your best. I'll have Kara measure her waist tomorrow and the person with the closest measurement will win a gift from me. It's a surprise, but I promise it will be handmade and good! (Kara-don't freak about this game. You asked for an American-style baby shower and this is what it entails-embarrassing you to no end!)

So that's my shower for my dear Kara. I didn't have time to cook, but I'm sending Kara cupcake thoughts and sweet dreams for her & her little baby boy. If you go to Kara's blog, you can post comments and wish her a happy party. Also leave a link in your comment on her blog if you are throwing a shower for her or are just posting a baby picture. That way she can visit you!

Congratulations Kara!