Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Thanks for all your emails asking how the boutique went. I wish I could say fantastic, but that's not really the case. We all did about 50% of the sales we did last year. Although that's still really very good-we do above average as it is-it was still disappointing to see how the economic woes of this country are affecting everyone. I am trying to stay positive and I am definitely thankful for the sales I did make. As I said, they aren't anything to sneeze at! Maybe I should apply for an economic bailout? I hear the government is passing those out. (Okay! No politics here...) I'm posting pictures here of my display, but I encourage you to visit The Goddesses of Craft blog to see all the other Goddesses' displays too. Everything looked amazing and I had a hard time not spending all my earnings at these other booths!

I'll be posting my inventory in my Etsy shop all week with the items that didn't sell at the boutique. I hope to get everything in the shop before Thanksgiving so that my customers have plenty of choices for the holiday season. I want to take a minute here to encourage you to buy handmade this year. We can't sit around and complain about low sales and then go to the mall and to do all our holiday shopping! If I want sales, I have to give them. That's the way the universe works. I sent out an email earlier this month to my friends and family and asked them to visit my Etsy Shop Favorites and requested that they purchase my birthday and Christmas gifts from there. It would be like getting two gifts. The actual item and the knowledge that another artist/crafter made a sale because of me!

Ready for some pictures?

I had a deer thing going on this year. I made a ton of gift & holiday items using vintage deer cupcake picks. I love the retro feeling of all of it!

Remember this tin? My mom snapped it up and bought it as soon as she hit the door!

Some of my cupcake note cards got an updated look. I'm super happy with how they turned out! They will be in the shop really soon!

I love my clothespin girls and was surprised they didn't sell! I'm especially fond of the one in overalls, carrying a small deer. They are back in the shop and waiting to be adopted. Do you think I should add a hook to them and make them into ornaments?

Here is a photo of all the Goddesses in front of my display. Crafty and good looking! What more could you want?