Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

I remember playing in my little kitchen with you for hours.

I remember praying with you for a baby sister (Hi Wendy!).

I remember you falling over in the doctor's office because you were so huge with the twins that you lost your balance while taking off Wendy's boots (Hi Jenny & James).

I remember a Halloween party that was the talk of the neighborhood.

I remember Camp Fire Girls and how you taught us to properly introduce people.

I remember family vacations filled with laughter.

I remember our "Suburban Adventures" and singing along to Jim Croce with you.

I remember watching you build your first business.

I remember learning to sing "Hey Big Spender" after watching "Sweet Charity" with you.

I remember your disco days and your "Urban Cowboy" days. (What were you thinking?)

I remember the neighbor thinking we were crazy because we were shrieking so loudly, playing with you.

I remember picnics on the living room floor when Dad was out of town.

I remember when we all layed on the bed & cried before we moved to California.

I remember one well-deserved slap and many, many hugs as I struggled through my early teen years.

I remember the fight we had before I moved out to go to college. Yelling at each other from different rooms. Dad running between the rooms trying to explain to us that we were only mad because we were hurting too much. We were struggling to let go. (Okay, Dad probably didn't really know that's the message he was giving, he stumbled into that one!)

I remember visits to Riverside, watching Perfect Strangers instead of going to classes or meetings.

I remember learning how to be a business woman as I watched you.

I remember hearing your silent struggle to not get too excited about my pregnancy until you knew I was okay with it.

I remember that I learned how to be a good mother from you.

I remember our birthday trips and our art retreats.

I remember all these things and more and only hope that I can make a difference in as many lives as you have.

Now, remember that I love you. Happy Birthday.

Please go to my mom's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday.