Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I haven't participated in a creative challenge in awhile and when I saw the latest GPP Crusade, I couldn't resist. (Get it? Resist?) My husband is out of town on business this week, so I am spending some extra time playing in the studio every night.

This is my favorite background. I had a small paper that I was using the last time I worked with my watercolors laying on the desk. I smeared it with some gesso, then pressed my leaf stamp into the wet gesso. I love how subtle and soft this looks.

I was playing with my new paints from Earth Safe Finishes today. On this background, I stamped leaves (using gesso instead of ink) all over the paper, let it dry and then painted over the whole page with Earth Safe Finishes' Shimmer Opaque colors. I wiped the wet paint off, exposing the gesso leaves. Bright & fun!

I painted a page using Earth Safe Finishes' No VOCs Acrylic Paint, then used my stamp, coated with gesso and stamped away.

I'll probably use these backgrounds for journal pages, scrapbooking and card making. Wouldn't the backgrounds be great, simply cut into squares and glue them onto some cardstock? Fast, fall cards.