Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm back in action

Whew! That little asthma attack really knocked me out! The good news is, I'm back to normal and ready to roll. Too many days on the couch made me restless & I'm eager to get back to my life.

Thanksgiving was great! I had 13 people here for dinner. Like the new turkey plates? I got them at TJ Maxx for a super deal and was able to buy 12. My wedding china is cream with a gold band (Mikasa's Antique Lace pattern), so I buy different salad plates for each holiday. I just put them on top of the china and I have a new look for every occassion.

I bought these pilgrims from Bayberry Cove. They are just like some candles my mom used to put out every year for Thanksgiving. They were probably cast from the same mold, but mine our paper maiche! I made the turkey. It's made from plaster, poured into a reproduction, vintage turkey mold. I used my favorite new paints from Earth Safe Finishes to paint it. The Shimmer Opaques gave the turkey a golden glow. (Since this little turkey will become a family heirloom, I'm also glad I'm not passing VOCs down to future generations!) I made an extra turkey for the prize for a new tradition I started this year. We had an old-fashioned coloring contest!. Everyone had to color a turkey coloring sheet and enter the contest. Remember when you were a kid and places like Bob's Big Boy Restaurant would have coloring contests? I wanted to relive that excitment. Everyone took to the idea and it kept everyone very busy while dinner was finishing up. My brother-the only person who complained a bit about having to color-ended up winning. I saved all the pages and am going to put a binder together to keep them in. Eventually we'll have years and years of coloring sheets to look back on. It's a good way to remember who came to dinner and it will be fun to see how the childrens' artwork progresses. This was the view from end of the table. A happy family enjoying good food and good company. I'm very thankful.

After dinner, I opened my birthday gifts! I made out like a bandit! Per my request, I received many gifts purchased from Etsy. Like this and this. I also got a dollhouse! I was inspired by this and really wanted a little cottage to turn into my own mini-bakery and my mom came through for me. I even got some little countertops and display cases. The dollhouse is completely unassembled, so this is going to be a major project, but I'm so looking foward to playing. I'm even thinking I'll put in electricity. (Did you just see my husband cringe? We both know that means, he'll be wiring the little house!)