Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Ezine

The latest issue of my electronic newsletter, The Well Fed Artist, should be in your Inbox any minute. This month I'm talking about how to use modern day technology and old-fashioned advertisting principles to generate sales. Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and read all about it.

If you aren't a subscriber, you can see previous issues and sign-up here.

If you are a subscriber and want to leave a comment about the ezine, please comment on this post.

Here's a fun treat! I'll send a prize to the first person who can answer these 3 questions:

1. When is my birthday?
2. What color shirt am I wearing on my Facebook page?
3. What DVD series did I just finish watching?

You should be able to find all the answers in this month's ezine issue. Good luck!

UPDATE: MIZ KATIE (love the name) won, but I don't have a way to contact you! Email me please. My email addy is on my profile page. If I don't hear from Miz Katie by Friday, I'll pick the next person who leaves a comment with the correct answers, so keep on commenting!