Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All About Ornaments

I have a ton of photos loaded up on my camera. All pictures that I've been taking during this holiday season. While I was taking them, I was sure I would be sharing them on my blog. Of course, time has slipped away and I'm here, the day before Christmas Eve, with a ton of holiday photos to share. I'm hoping you don't mind if I stretch out Christmas a bit. After all, there are 12 days of Christmas, so I still have time, right?

I took some photos of my favorite ornaments to share with you today.

These two are my favorites. I received them from my godmother when I about 7 or 8 years old. When I was young, I always pretended that the little girl lived in the house and was returning home with her little tree. Therefore, the ornaments always had to hang close to each other. I still have to put them together to this day! The little girl ornament even inspired a little illustration work on my part.

This little elf is an ornament I snagged from my parents' tree. I always loved it and the good thing about helping to decorate your parents' house is you can guilt your mom into giving you some of the family ornaments!

This is a new ornament. This little scene is set inside a cardboard, quilled, snowflake. I feel some inspiration coming on. I'm letting ideas roll around in my head as speak. We'll see what comes of it.

Speaking of inspiration...I wanted to give all the editors that I worked with at Somerset a little gift. I came up with these ornaments. I just took a plain, frosted ball ornament and monogrammed it using rub-ons! I am in love with rub-ons and haven't used them for scrapbooking yet. Once I started making these ornaments, I couldn't stop and ended up making a super deluxe one for my blog buddy Michelle too. I'm thinking I'll be experimenting with this new technique. After all, ornaments aren't just for Christmas trees! I put them up year round if I'm really in love with them. Be on the lookout for some more rub-on ideas coming your way soon.
Finally, since we are talking about the wonderful editors at Somerset, I wanted to share some big news. I have some work featured in the new publication, Somerset in Love. It's coming out in January and I just got my advanced copy. This is a really big deal because the whole publication is about valentine book project I was involved in last year. The whole thing is just about us-12 artists total. You won't believe all the talented artists I got to play with! Check it out here. If you want to order an advanced copy from me, just order using the Paypal button below. For $14.99 plus the cost of shipping, I'll send you a copy, with my page signed and a little homemade valentine. Just a little something for my loyal blog readers! I'll be able to ship them out in early January, so you will have them for valentine's day! (If you are local and want to will call the magazine, let me know and I'll refund the shipping. International orders will be billed for any additional shipping charges.)

You can also email me or leave a comment and I can send you an invoice. Okay, the commercial is over! I'll be back tomorrow with some snow globes!