Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Gifts for You!

When I first started my creative journey, I had to do a A LOT of healing. Years of pent-up anxiety made it difficult for me to even start to do art. Two things helped me overcome my blocks and allowed me to be the creative being you see today:

1. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

2. Artella Land

Both these resources were filled with exercises and fun stuff to get my creative juices. I highly recommend that you check both of these resources out.

I also have a special access code for all of you to download a free copy of Artella's
Stunning and Simple Seasonal Salutations eBook!
Stunning and Simple Seasonal Salutations, is an eBook featuring 10 beautiful handmade cards, complete with photos and descriptive "how-to" instructions, showcasing a variety of techniques such as rubber stamping, collage, and innovative paper and mixed media arts. Download your copy here.

I am going to be giving away goodies from the Artella site over the next couple of weeks so please stay tuned!

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