Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm so pleased to announce that my blog is being featured this week on's newsletter this week. (Waving HELLO! to everyone who is popping-in for a visit!) Do you get the newsletter? It's great! It has tons of crafy ideas-and it's not just for scrapbookers. Can you say festive holiday house made from a pasta box? Check it out!

In honor of this happy occasion, I thought I would share a couple of scrapbook projects I'm working on right now. As I try to grow my business as a designer, I've been submitting scrapbook pages to magazines, but I'm sometimes uncomfortable pasting photos my family all over the crafty world. My solution? I use the "found", old photos I've been buying at flea markets as the photos in my lay-outs! I'm so happy with the idea. My family gets their privacy back AND whoever those people in the photos are, are getting a little love and attention too. I always wonder who would give-up family photos like these, but you never know the circumstances, so I'm just happy to give them a loving home. I sometimes wonder if one day, someone will email me and say, "Hey, that's my Aunt Adele's picture!" I would gladly send them the original.

As I was doing a couple of lay-outs last night, I kept imagining a story about all my collected photos. I've started a "family" with everyone related (even though they aren't) and even have the family home picked out. Do I have too much time on my hands or is it just an overactive imagination? You may just start hearing the story soon. For now, I'll just tell you that those handsome boys are brothers and that little girl? Well, she's the youngest and completely doted on by the boys.

More scrapbook stuff-I haven't been posting for Fiskars Fridays in awhile, so I'm going to say this is my post (for last week)! I used the Fiskars border punches and Heidi Grace flowers, my all time favorites, in a few of these lay-outs. AND as a gift for my Fiskar friends and all my new friends, I'll host a little drawing for you this week. Leave a message on this post and I'll draw a name on Friday. Tell me what I should name the little sister. I'll send you a big batch of Sakura pens if you are chosen the winner.

P.S. Jack is doing great. Now we just have to get through his rehabilitation and all will be well.