Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Globes

I kind of collect snow globes. Actually, I only have a couple, but they are so precious to me. There's something about those little worlds that just make me happy.
I received this Santa the first Christmas I can remember. My mom was pregnant with my sister, so I must have been three. (I have a freakishly long memory!) This globe doesn't have any water left in it and it looks a bit beat-up, but I decorate with it every year.

This Nativity snow globe is quite old as well, I'm not sure exactly when I got it, but it was when I was very young also. This still has a bit of water left, but not much.

Last year, I found this darling ornament and couldn't pass it up. It just made me so happy. It looks old fashioned and charming and whimsical.

And here's another little project from the December Martha Stewart Living magazine. (Have I mentioned how much I am loving this particular issue?) Faux snow globes made from clear glass vases or jars with sugar snow and populated with little gum drop creations. Very cute and a very easy project to do with the little ones. I used these as centerpieces when my daughter had her little friend over to decorate cookies. It was like working in Candyland!

Don't you love the gum drop mushrooms? They would be very cute on top of some cupcakes!
Check-out the candy canes in this one. They are flavored like Smarties!
I'll be back after Christmas to show-off my holiday baking and share pictures of my Bakery Themed Christmas Tree. In the meantime, I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!