Saturday, January 31, 2009

CHA Part Two

Last Sunday was the first official day of the CHA Show. I had most of the day free, so I decided I would spend it walking the show floor and seeing all the great new products the craft industry was introducing. I love walking the floor. It's filled with inspiration!

My biggest thrill of the day was meeting Mary Engelbreit at a book signing in one of the booths. I loved her magazine. (Moment of silence for it's demise.) But, the reason I was really excited to meet her is because she has the success I dream of. I mean she is the QUEEN of licensing her artwork. I believe it's very important to have an icon to look up to when you are working towards your goal and Mary is definately one of mine. So, when I saw the notice that she would be at the show on Sunday, I felt like the universe was whispering in my ear: "You are getting closer to your dreams." (Did I mention how bummed I was that I missed hearing her speak at Silver Bella this year? What a great gift to get a second chance.)

So, when I met her, I told her how she inspired me. I tried not to sound like a gushing, crazed fan. She asked me what kind of artwork I did and I just happened to be wearing a craft apron made from material featuring one of my cupcake illustrations. She said, "It's cute! Good luck!"

So, one icon down, one to go. Anyone know where I can run into Martha Stewart?