Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Today is my sister's birthday. We like to call it the anniversary of our relationship. When I was three, my sister was born and we have been close ever since. At one point in our lives, we lived together and worked together. We spent over 14 hours a day with each other and we survived. I don't know many marriages that could survive that kind of "togetherness". We played Barbies together for more hours than I can count. We talked about boys during our teen years. We have cried. We have laughed. Sometimes we have fought so hard it scared my husband. What puzzled him even more was that those fights always ended with us telling each other we loved one another. Even if we are still mad, we say it. Afraid that it could be our last conversation (life is fragile) and we would never want to part without telling each other how we feel. (That's probably morbid, but that's us.)

We share a history. Not just as family members. As friends. Days dancing in elevators for the security cameras. Crazy drives in the Toyota Starlit with zebra print seat covers. Wendy being "gothic". Me being "pretty in pink". MaryAnn kissing us goodnight. I could mention more memories, but my mom reads this blog....

Now our daughters are sister-cousins. That's what they call themselves. Maybe the bond between us runs so deep that it is in our DNA.

My sister and I have a retirement plan. We are pretty sure that being with us is going to shorten the life span of any man who dares to live with us. So, we are going to be two old widows, with flaming red hair, drinking martinis and smoking poolside. Telling our cabana boy, "Hey, doll. Could you refresh my drink?" Our daughters better be close. They are going to have their hands full.

Happy Birthday Wendy! I love you.