Tuesday, February 10, 2009

box of chocolates

I have seen this project in a million different places and have always wanted to try it...mini cupcakes made to look like a box of chocolates. It was a rainy day last Friday, we were stuck inside and I decided to finally try out the project. I'm so glad I did. It was incredibly easy, yet the results look fantastic. I think the trick is to find a really good ganache recipe for the icing. The recipe I had, from this book, was the perfect consistency. I just dipped the cooled cupcakes in the icing bowl to coat the tops. There were no drips and the icing hardened to a beautiful sheen. I had some fun looking online for ideas for what my "chocolates" should like. Next time, I'm going to be sure to include with some chocolate sprinkles on top too. I think this would be a perfect dessert for a Valentine's Day party or even to give as a gift to your lovey.

The heart-shaped candy box is from my personal collection. Before we had my daughter, my husband and I always went away for a long weekend around Valentine's Day. He always brought a box of chocolates for me. We would eat them in bed for breakfast and drink room service coffee. I've saved every box he has brought me.

I had some leftover batter and made a few full-sized cupcakes too. I think I should call these, "Pretty Please With a Cherry on Top".Stay Tuned! I've a lot of Valentine projects in store for you this week!