Tuesday, February 24, 2009

here and gone

She breezed in, put together a couple of transparent mobiles, made an unholy mess in my studio & then breezed out. Yelling over her shoulder something about a trip to San Francisco. My muse, I mean. She's gone again.

On Thursday, in a desperate attempt to lure her back, I went shopping with my three year old daughter. We went to a couple of shops I've been meaning to visit; Paris to the Moon (which was amazing!) and Debra's Cottage. I bought the cupcake ornament at Debra's Cottage. (My muse is like a crow-shiny things usually attract her.) Then my daughter and I went to Wonderland Bakery. It had amazing eye candy. It was like a dream bakery. My only issue? By the time I ordered cupcake for my daughter, all decked out the way she wanted, it cost $7! Yikes! Want to see what a $7 cupcake looks like? Here you go:

When I was taking pictures of it, I didn't realize all the shots were set-up looking up the ballerina's dress, hence the censorship. Really...the seven bucks didn't buy me an x-rated cupcake, I just thought the shots were taken from a weird angle.

I also made this lovely canister from my Sweet Shoppe print. Cute, huh? I thought it would make a nice candy container. The Russian Nesting Dolls are actually measuring cups-each piece is a different measurement-from a cup to a tablespoon. My husband bought them for me at Anthropologie. I love them.

So that's what I'm doing while my muse is in San Francisco doing goodness knows what. Is your muse back yet?