Saturday, February 21, 2009

more cupcakes

I had batter & frosting left over after I made yesterday's "Popcorn" cupcakes, so I decided to try out a technique I saw on the Martha Stewart show a few weeks back. Instead of using cupcake liners, I used parchment paper. The cupcakes came out a little misshapen-I think it was because the batter I used was too light. I liked the effect though and decided to use a large star tip to apply the frosting. This allowed me to follow whatever shape came out. The end result is very romantic without being too girly or fussy. I think these would be perfect for a wedding shower. The cupcakes shape reminded me of iittala Aalto vases, and setting a wedding table with these cupcakes and Aalto vases would create a really beautiful table.

I think that the parchment paper liners are a great idea. I'm thinking blueberry muffins for breakfast, served in this style would give the table a rustic, yet elegant table.

Here's the link to the recipe from the Martha Stewart Show. Enjoy!