Thursday, February 12, 2009

sweet memories

Today I sent my very excited daughter off to preschool with a bag full of valentines to pass out. Remember when you exchanged valentines in grade school? The careful choosing of the design. The excitment of wondering if the boy you had a crush on would give you a "good" valentine. And was the saying on his valentine one that he carefully choose, just for you? (As an adult, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" he didn't carefully shuffle through his stack of store-bought valentines to find the one that shared his feeling for you.) But it's fun to watch my daughter experience this darling tradition for the first time. (Sans crush on boy. I'm hoping she's too young for that!)
I made paper lollipops using my Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress and heart shaped punches. The back reads, "you are sweet". It was really fun to make them and when I showed them to my daughter, she asked if she could buy one from me! (I'm thinking I've been talking too much business lately!)

Speaking of business, I just sent out my monthly newsletter. This month, it's all about the different ways you can make money with your arts and crafts. If you aren't a subscriber, you can see past issues here.