Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cinco de mayo

Good news for all my newsletter subscribers! I've just added a second issue each month. Don't worry! You will still get my business & marketing tips on the second Tuesday of each month. But now, on the fourth Tuesday of each month you will get a second issue, filled with creative prompts, tutorials and general crafty fun! I'm launching the new issue today! The April "Creative Living" issue has a great tutorial for creating a glittery centerpiece for your Cinco de Mayo party and an insanely good (and strong) Blue Margarita recipe. If you aren't a subscriber yet, sign-up on my website at www.katydid-designs.com.

Oh! And don't forget to check-out my recommendation for Twist Entertaining. I met one of the founders, Heather, at my daughter's school. She and her partner put out a great newsletter on entertaining. It's really fun and free! I've already gotten a ton of ideas out of it!