Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happy birthday grandma!

My grandmother turns 80 today. At just half her age, I'm already tired, so I'm amazed by her vigor! On Sunday we had a little party at the senior living facility she lives at. My mom hired a magician and much was fun was had by all. To honor her (and make sure everyone knew who the party girl was), I made a corsage for her. I know that her generation was quite fond of marking special occassions with beautiful corsages. It's actually sad to think we only use them for weddings and prom now, isn't it? I had so much fun making this one. It's made with silk flowers, so it's a lasting keepsake too.

You know how the craft community was all into crowns for awhile? Well, I'm thinking of starting a new fad-corsages! What do you think? Will it fly?

Oh! I wanted to share the wrapping with you too. I love to wrap gifts. I know that I get incredibly excited when I receive a beautifully wrapped gift, so I take extra care with presentation when I give gifts. Lately, I've been rifling through the scrapbook embellishments to make my gifts stand out. For Grandma's gift, I used a fabric covered brad by K&Co. I just punched it through some cream tulle to finish off the bow. Do you raid your craft supplies for gift wrap? If so, tell me about it!