Thursday, April 2, 2009

hippity hoppity

When I was a little girl, I always decorated my bedroom for every holiday. I would plan ahead and draw and cut and paste. My goal was to decorate every month, so some months I had to get creative about what was considered a "holiday". At Christmas one year, I made a tree out of a large (about 3" high) walking doll box. (Remember "walking" dolls? They were so great!) I had to enlist the help of my siblings for that project. I gave each of them a few sheets of plain paper and had them color the paper green. Why I didn't ask my mom to just me some green paper is beyond me. Then I drew in ornaments and taped the paper to the box. It was spectacular in my 10 year old mind. I think the sibs were impressed too!

Fast forward 30 (ahem) some odd years. I have a new room to decorate for every holiday! My daughter's! And I now have resources to do it the way I always dreamed & imagined. Lights, real trees, the works. So here's a glimpse of what's in her room for Easter. I gathered all her stuffed rabbits, added some of Jorabeel's Candy Lights, and a little Easter tree. I even made the parasol the bunny is holding out of scrapbook paper. Maybe I'll do a tutorial for it one day.

I think decorating for the holidays is important for kids. Whether it's their room or elsewhere in the house, it helps them mark time. It builds anticipation. It teaches them the symbols and rituals of what your family considers important. I'd love to see what you did to decorate for any of the Spring holidays. Leave a link in the comments and I'll go explore.

Speaking of Spring, I'm trying to clear out the Easter goodies in my Etsy Shop, so I'm offering my blogger friends a special. Buy one, get one (of equal or lesser value) half off of EVERYTHING in the shop. Just type: April Blogger Special in the comment section of the order and I'll refund the discount. You still have time to order for Easter. The offer is good through Monday, April 6th.