Tuesday, April 21, 2009

how do you say "katydiddy" in french?

Did you know that my all time favorite foreign craft magazine is having a creative blog contest? Marie Claire Idees has a call out for creative blogs. I sent my information in and it was accepted. You can see it here. If you want to enter your blog go here. (Thanks to The Starving Crafter for the heads-up about this contest.)

Don't forget! Today is your last day to enter my ring giveaway. I know I'm asking you to jump through a lot of hoops, but really it's not too hard to enter. If you are already a subscriber to my ezine or a Facebook friend, etc. it counts! Throw your name in today!

I'm off to snuggle up with my magazine, a cup of coffee & clementine. Have I mentioned how much I love preschool days?