Monday, April 20, 2009

laura had a little lamb

This is the first stuffed animal I ever made. It was hard. I called my sewing machine names. I called myself names when I realized I had sewn the wrong sides together. I didn't follow the pattern exactly. I was going to throw it out. But then I decided to keep the little guy around. To keep practicing sewing and, when I am super fantastic sewer, I can look at this little lamby and see how far I've come. I call my lamb "Frankenlamb". Trust me, if you saw the stitching I did on his belly, you would understand why.

If you want the pattern for this lamb, (well, kind of this lamb, like I said, I wasn't so good about following along) visit Turkey Feathers. It's a free download. The pattern and instructions are easy. Any problems were completely my lack of skill as a seamstress. Or better yet, buy Vicki's book, Blanket Statement. I've coveted the book for ages. I just might have to buy it for myself as a reward for finishing up my lamb. To see how the lambs are really supposed to look visit this Flickr group.