Sunday, April 19, 2009

pincushion love

Since I've started sewing again, I've fallen in love with pincushions. I'm thinking I just might need to start a collection. Right now, I'm looking for the kind that looks like a tomato with a strawberry hanging off it. I know they sell them in the stores, but I also know there used to be one in my mom's sewing box. (HINT! HINT! Are you there Mom?)

A couple of Goddesses of Craft meetings ago, Goddess Kathryn taught us to make the darling strawberry pincushions you see here. Kathryn is one of the top sewers in group and she did a great job giving us sewing tips. The pattern is from Heather Bailey. (I have my eye on making the pear pincushion next!)

Now, for my favorite pincushion! My little birdie! I pretty much made this one up from scratch. I saw a similiar style in a magazine and then dug through my stash and created this. I love the felt flower petals on the pearl stick pins!

So do you have any pincushions? I'd love to see them. Let's play show & tell. Blog about your pincushions and then leave a comment here. Then we can all visit.