Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the contessa of cakes

Last week, I had a returning customer ask me if I would relist one of my old note card designs. (It's moments like this that make me feel pretty happy about the old Etsy shop!) Of course, I agreed, but with a twist. Now that I'm getting better at Photoshop, I decided to update the card design a bit. So now, The Contessa of Cakes is looking all pretty modern. I love using frames with illustrations. I think it gives the illustration a little polish.

As long as I was designing cards, I decided to add a new design. I would like to introduce you to Black Eyed Susan. She's a very naughty little girl. Full of energy. She loves to pick flowers, even if she isn't supposed to. She died her hair pink with strawberry juice. She loves to eat pixie sticks by the dozens. (Who doesn't?) But as naughty as she can be, she's also sweet. (Maybe it's all those sweet pixie sticks she eats.) I love her and am even thinking of setting her free on t-shirts or children's clothes.

I'm sorry I don't have better photos today. I promised myself I would work really hard on putting up really great photos that are stylish and cool, but it looks like some weeks just aren't going to let that happen! Off to pack-up for my quilting class!

P.S. If you like my new note card designs, you can pick some up for yourself in my Etsy shop at