Friday, May 15, 2009


The other day I decided to list 10 things I consider luxurious. I came up with over 25. And the weird thing? None really had to do with having tons of money. Private jet? Not really something I long for. Flying first class? Maybe, but it didn't make the cut on the list. Diamonds? Certainly a girl's best friend, but they didn't end up on the luxury list. I was trying to really identify what makes me feel really good and the high end items didn't make it.

My "nesting chair" (seen above) made the list. Especially on a sunny morning, with coffee and a good magazine. Maybe a little opera music playing softly in the background.

Baking fresh bread made the list too. For both the smell and the taste are truly luxurious.

Heck, when my daughter was a newborn, I thought going to Target (all by myself!) was a luxury.

As I was thinking about this post yesterday afternoon at 3:00pm, I realized I was luxuriating at that moment. While taking a break and feeding my daughter a snack we stumbled onto the movie Grease on TV. As I sat there, singing, with my daughter both laughing at my inability to sing but also impressed that I knew all words, and eating warm, fresh bread, I realized it didn't get any better than this.

Which is what is magic about this exercise. It makes you grateful. At the same time that I realized I was experiencing great luxury, I also realized how very lucky I am. To be able to be a stay-at-home mom and bake bread and watch Grease on a Thursday afternoon. To spend quality time with my daughter. And, to an even deeper degree, to be eating bread. There are people who don't have anything to eat, let alone a bread machine and a nesting chair and a nice cozy couch and TV (or electricity for that matter).

I think we sometimes get caught up in the fabulous life of the celebrity of the moment and forget, that to some people, we are living the fabulous life.

So, I want to know. What do you count as luxury? Am I the only one who, when I finally gave it some real thought, found out it wasn't planes, trains and automobiles? Leave me a comment and tell me what makes you feel happy. What makes you feel "rich"?