Friday, May 8, 2009


At my daughter's preschool, they will often ask the child to dictate some journaling to go along with their drawings. (I like to think of this practice as the start of an art journal, but maybe that's just me!) On Tuesday, my daughter brought this home. The journaling reads, "I like my mom so much. She gives me a lot of hugs & kisses." It kind of makes all the challenges of motherhood float away. These little moments; warm arms wrapped around your neck, the sweet smell of the top of their head, the first time they say "mama".

I think that's why the first few months of motherhood are usually so hard. It's a hard & quick lesson in unconditional love. You love your little baby. You do everything for them. You get nothing back. Not even a smile. The funny thing is, you don't care. You don't expect anything in return. It is reward enough just to hold them and be near them. Then, ever so slowly, it begins. The smile when you walk in the room. Putting their arms up to you. The first time they say I love you. It makes it worth it. It gets you through the days & nights that make you want to run, screaming.

And that's what being a mother is all about. Loving unconditionally. Even on the days you don't get anything back. Happy Mother's Day. Hang on tight. It's a wild ride, but one well worth the effort.