Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night was my first quilting class. I learned so much! I'm not sure how much I like traditional quilting-it takes more thought than I'm usually willing to give a hobby, but I really want to learn how to quilt "correctly" before I start breaking the rules.

I think this class is going to help my sewing techniques. I'm completely self-taught on my machine and as you know, my machine and I don't get along very well. My instructor gave me a couple of tips on how to care for my machine and how to properly feed the fabric in, and I think my machine and I may be able to call a truce. I wonder if the instructor knows she's now like a relationship counsler to me? Helping me keep a civil relationship with my sewing machine! I once heard I should name my machine. Any ideas?

I'll post my progress as I go along. It's only a four week class, so I'm just making a baby size quilt. It will be great for tea parties on the lawn with my daughter when it's finished. I love the bright colors of the fabrics I picked out. I'm a little nervous about how they will all work together, but I'm pretty sure it will turn out okay. I think it's a matter of practice, figuring out which fabrics go together. You have to learn how to imagine the finished product.