Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cupcakes, Candy and Pink Canary Cocktails

Lady Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is having her yearly Mad Tea Party. Of course, the Queen of Cupcakes requested that I set-up the garden for a proper tea and join in the celebration.

You do know the Queen of Cupcakes, don't you? (Here's a hint, last year she masqueraded as a flamenco dancer, but that's another story!) The Queen is very shy around cameras as she doesn't like to be recognized in public, so I am only allowed to show snips and snaps of her. I will give you hint about what she looks like though. She has milk chocolate hair with strawberry streaks and bittersweet cocoa eyes. She is very tiny. At only 40 inches, give or take a tablespoon, she often disguises herself as a small child when she goes out in public. If you see a sweet little girl, it just might be her. You can tell for sure by taking in a delicate sniff. The Queen of Cupcakes always smells of vanilla and sugar and, even in disguise, is unable to cover her bakery scent.

But, enough about the Queen's disguises! She came to the party as herself today. As you can see, she was wearing her cocktail cupcake hat in honor of the Pink Canary Cocktails I promised to serve. (Of course Pink Canary Cocktails only contain Sugar and Birds and are alchohol free!) As usual she was accompanied by her best friend and body guard, Sir Jack. (Sir Jack is a striking pup with fur the color of caramels and marshmallows, with a touch of licorice in case you were wondering.)

The Queen is never above serving others and has even offered to pour our tea today. Which flavor tea bag will you choose?

We have Lemon Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake or Strawberry Cupcake flavors.

Would you like some candy with your tea? I highly recommend the candy canes. They are the flavor of Smarties candies!

I don't want to brag or anything, but the Queen was tickled pink with my flower selection. Cupcake flowers! There will be no bellowing of "Off with their heads!" at this tea party.

And she loved the Fantasy Candy Garland. (If you would like the recipe for the garland, click here.)

Oh Dear! Oh My! It appears that, while we were chatting about candy and flowers, the Queen has helped herself to the Pink Canary Cocktails!

I can't really blame her, as they are served in birdcages and look too good to pass up, but the Queen (and don't tell a soul where you heard this!) isn't very good at holding her sugar (if you know what I mean). I should bid you adieu and send you off to your next tea party. (Don't forget the party list is on The Fanciful Twist blog.)

Before you go, if you liked the Cupcake Tea, please leave a comment today and I will pull a winner on June 30th. You just might win some lovely, felt, cupcake tea bags!

Oh! I must be off. It looks as though Sir Jack also dipped into the Pink Canary Cocktails and is now passed out on the Queen's chaise lounge. It's really quite unseemly!