Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. He is finally as "old" as I am. I'm six months older than he is and for six months, I had to hear all about how he's only 38 and I'm 39. (He can't wait until November so that he can say he's only his 30s and I'm in my 40s.) My daughter and I made him his favorite cake-lemon poppy seed. I also made a fabulous picnic of fried chicken and sun-dried tomato pasta salad. We were planning to take him on a surprise picnic to the beach, but the weather in Southern California has been unusually unpredictable, with thuderstorm cells passing over every so often, so we decided to have a little picnic at home instead.

In addition to an iPod docking station for his office, I also made my husband a cozy for his french press. On the weekends he likes to make coffee with it but, by the second cup, the coffee has gone cold in the glass carafe. I saw a coffee cozy project in the book Sew Pretty Homestyle, and knew I had to make one for him.

I was a little tricky though! I made the reverse fabric a little girly, just in case someone (ahem) wanted to have a little sip while she was sitting in the yard.