Monday, June 15, 2009

new look

For those of you who read my blog through Google Reader-please click through to my blog today and check-out my new look. I'm cleaning up the old blog. It needed a little refreshing. There's a new banner, a new profile photo and I'm cleaning up the sidebar. If you are looking for some new blogs to read, check-out my reading list. I just cleaned that up too. I'll be working on the blog housekeeping throughout the week so keep coming back to visit.

About the banner. As a business and marketing person, I know the importance of consistent branding, but I'm always torn about blogs. As you know, my cupcake has been my logo and my "look" for quite awhile and I have consistently kept it on all my online presences. But I feel like I need to have the room to be creative with my blog. What are your thoughts on changing out the look of a blog? Do you change yours regularly?

I'm also torn about my look and/or brand. Part of me loves my cupcakes, but another part of me loves the illustration look. (Kind of what's in the banner now.) To me they look completely different though. You all see the bigger picture better. Are they as different as I think they are? Or do both say "katydiddy" to you?