Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what a party!

It seems that both The Queen of Cupcakes and Sir Jack have recovered fully from their Pink Canary Cocktail debacle. I, however, am still beat! Setting up for such a wonderful party is a lot of work and cleaning up is an even bigger job. And, don't forget, I was off visiting everyone else's parties this weekend too. A generous bunch of party throwers has resulted in me winning two prizes! I will share photos of my goodies when they arrive. In the meantime, I would like to announce that the winner of my felt, cupcake tea bags is She's Sew Pretty! And speaking of felt tea bags...

After so much excitment, I decided to take a bit of a rest in my backyard. As I approached my outdoor lounge, I decided it just wouldn't do. So stark!

After a little fluffing, I think it looks much better now, don't you? See what a blanket, a pillow and a tea cup can do for a spot?

In no time at all I had a wonderful place to relax and write in my new journal. Don't you love it? I bought it at Afiori and highly recommend that you run to her shop NOW and purchase one for yourself.

I also have a special offer for you. I have decided to offer a special edition pillow each month, using the scraps of fabric left over from the previous month's projects. They are sure to be wild and interesting and in limited supply because I am limiting myself to only using scraps. The May 2009 scraps from my first quilt resulted in this pillow.

I call it my Vintage Picnic pillow. It seems like the kind of cushion one would drag outside with them for a nap in the hammock or to lay back on after a particulary filling picnic lunch by the river.

It measures approximately 11" x 11". Because this is the first time I am offering something I have sewn and it's the first of a collection, I am offering this pillow here only and at the special price of $20.00. The $20.00 includes shipping! (I told you this was a special deal!) You can order it by clicking on the Paypal button below. (Attention Google Reader users, you may have to click through to my blog to see the button. There's only ONE of these pillows available and only two in the world, so if you want it, buy it now. Don't forget it's the first in an ongoing collection.

I have to say, that I'm quite nervous about offering my sewing up for sale for the first time, but I'm also excited. I'm working on some very exciting projects and I feel like my art has taken on a new meaning. I'm looking forward to sharing my fabric art journey with you as I dip my toe into the water ever so slowly. Thanks for being my life jacket!