Monday, July 27, 2009

camp katydiddy sewing class

Here's the final installment of the Camp katydiddy saga. My niece went home on Friday. I'm recovering. I am not meant to be a camp counselor. A grand time was had by all though and that's what's important.

In a moment of insanity, I decided to teach my niece how to sew. Actually, it was fun and I think she really enjoyed it. She and my daughter decided that they wanted to make felt aliens. Here's my niece's:

I think she did a really great job for an eight year old who never sewed before.

Here's my daughter's:

You must be thinking, "WOW! Her four year old must be a sewing savant!". To be honest, she only designed it. She picked out the colors and decided where the eyes and belly button should go. I did the sewing. I would like to teach her how to sew, but am an overprotective mom who doesn't want her to poke herself a million times with a needle. I've heard of plastic needles for wee ones to sew with. Anyone know anything about them? I really would love to get her started sewing, so any tips on how to do it safely would be so appreciated!

Just so you know, both the aliens are named "Sweetie Pie".