Wednesday, July 1, 2009

little foam shapes

I know I just had a little rant about children's party favors, but here's another thing I could live without my daughter dragging home-foam shapes. They don't seem to stick to anything very well and I end up finding them everywhere. They usually come in some enormous tub too. AND I don't really see the point. What exactly is one supposed to do with these things?

Well, we had a bunch laying around and my daughter needed something to occupy her time and was begging to open a new tub o' foam shapes, so I found an old Crystal Light (TM) container, ripped the label off and told her to go at it. And I am quite impressed. And maybe I don't hate those darn foam shapes quite as much anymore.

I know you can also use them as stamps, but what else? I'd love to hear suggestions for these things. I have about two tons hidden in a closet.