Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pillows & tea

I have more sewing projects to share. (I told you I was on a roll!)

Remember way back when I was getting into embroidery and I turned one of my sketches into an embroidery pattern? Well, I've had the piece rolling around here and decided it would make an excellent centerpiece for a pillow. The above photo is the finished product. It's now brightening up a corner of my studio.

But I only have so many rooms and so many beds and chairs and since I can't stop making pillows and coming up with sewing projects, I've updated my shop, katydiddy, with some new items. Please check them out. My favorite item, just listed, is my Tea Pillow. It features an original sketch, appliqued and embroidered onto a pillow. I'm going to cry when I pack this pack one up, but it's either start selling them or get a bigger house and well, I guess I better start selling them to get a bigger house. It's a vicious cycle isn't it?