Tuesday, July 21, 2009

welcome to camp katydiddy

My niece is staying with us all week. She and my daughter are best friends. Even though my niece is 8, she's a very good and patient cousin to my 4 year old. I wanted to give her a good, old-fashioned summer vacation here. One that she will remember when she's all grown-up. One that she will tell her children about. Of course, I want my daughter to have super fond memories of summer as well, but she lives with me and is constantly exposed to my crazy ideas of fun, so it's more difficult to impress her. (Seriously, she totally thinks that everyone's mom finds a way to make whatever one can dream up.) My niece, on the other hand, is easier to impress, so I took advantage of having fresh blood and pulled out all the stops.

We started the week off by "baking" treats for a doll tea party that we would have later in the afternoon. I pulled out a darling book, Tiny Treats, and let the girls each pick a project or three from it. Basically, the whole book is all about ways you can make teeny treats for your dolls with things like waffles from cookies or layer cakes from sandwich cookies. To get an idea of how small those "waffles" above are check out the little hands having a tea party in this photo.

All the treats were eaten with gusto and only a few crumbs were left in a matter of minutes.

Come back tomorrow to read about our cupcake baking extravaganza.