Monday, July 6, 2009

what i'm doing instead of blogging

I've pretty much been away from computer. I'm trying to enjoy my summer and have fun with my little one. One of the things I've been doing is working on my embroidery skills. I have been very inspired by Amy Powers (I'm admitting here the cute little girl with the button head was COMPLETELY Amy's idea! I also loved her grid idea since I'm kind of a stay between the lines girl myself. I'm not selling this, so I hope she doesn't mind that her inspiration is all over this piece!) Pam Garrison's stitching sampler also played a part in my inspiration.

In addition to stitching away, I've also decided to read all the children's classics I missed reading in my childhood. I don't know how these got by me, but they did, and I'm enjoying spending the summer reading something light and easy. Although, so far both Mary Poppins and Peter Pan have turned out to be a tad darker than Disney portrayed. Who knew Mary drank and Tink swore? Seriously, both have given me nightmares. In Mary Poppins, I was frightened by the midnight visit to the zoo where there was a strange ritual to celebrate Mary's birthday and all the people were in the cages and the animals were out. There was a snake involved. And Peter Pan! Well, it's pretty frightening and he does quite a bit of killing. Let's just say I'm glad I decided to do a run through these before I started reading them to my four year old. She'll definitely need to grow up a bit before approaching these. On a softer note, I have just finished A Little Princess and was charmed. I'd love to here what your favorite childhood classic was. You can go here if you want to see my summer reading list. Yes! I know Alice in Wonderland isn't on the list! I have already read that one.

If you want a snack while you are reading, I highly recommend Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer. It's by Jane Brocket (remember my post about her other book here?) and it has recipes that she bases on the food that is eaten in an extensive list of children's classics.
So that's my excuse for being a sporadic blogger these days. Now, I'm off to have an iced tea and read a bit more...