Saturday, July 11, 2009

you like me, you really like me

Isn't that what Sally Fields said at the Academy Awards one year?

I'm so filled with gratitude, I can barely express it. I had a truly wonderful week. On Thursday, I came home from a playdate with my daughter to an Inbox filled with Etsy orders and blog comments. I wondered why I was suddenly getting so much attention and after a little investigating, I discovered that Danielle from Etsy pulled one of the articles I wrote for The Storque in 2008 and put it in her Etsy Success newsletter! The exposure was incredible for me and I can't thank her enough and Etsy enough for being so supportive of their sellers!

As the day wore on, I received many comments and emails from people thanking me for the tips I wrote. Some purchased my ebooks and took the time to tell me how grateful they were to me for sharing my knowledge. I am touched that these sweet people would take time out of their busy lives to tell someone they don't even know, that they appreciate them. Since many of you are working on your own too, I'm sure you understand how nice it is to get positive feedback. When I used to work out in an office, I would get reviews and comments that kept me going, but when you work from home you often wonder if anyone out there even notices you exist. I want to especially thank these kind people for their very kind words:

Jewels On Whim

SimaG Jewelry (Vote for her in the Martha Stewart Wedding Contest!)

Fashion Is My Muse

Tiges & Weince

Dreams by Machine

(I really do feel like I'm writing an Academy Award speech here and am terrified I left someone out. If I did I can't apologize enough. I'm so grateful to everyone that I'm a little overwhelmed.)

But the fun didn't stop there! On Friday, one of my favorite bloggers, Zakka Life, let me know she featured my blog on her Facebook Fan Friday feature.

Needless to say, I'm completely overwhelmed by this outpouring of attention and I feel very loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.