Friday, August 21, 2009

the family that blogs together, stays together

(Photo Courtesy of Laura Miller)

Yep! It's nepotism day! Did you know my mom and my sister both blog too? My mom has been blogging for awhile and my sister just started.

I think it's interesting to read your family members blogs and know that your family is reading yours. (Why is it that it's easier to know strangers are reading your blog than people you know?)

I believe that reading my mom's blog has allowed me to better see my mom as a woman and an artist. She's not just my mom. And the fact that she's basically willing to open up her personal journal for her daughter to read is a very brave and loving act. I have the unique opportunity to really know my mom. We've always been close, but there's something about reading her blog and seeing her artwork and reading her poems, that has allowed me to see even deeper into her being. I thank her for the gift.

As for me, knowing that my mom is reading my blog allows her to see me as an adult. But it also allows me to still be a child with her too. I can't run home from school clutching my artwork, eager to show her what I made, but I can post my artwork on my blog and get the very same feelings I got as a child when she would exclaim over my creations. Now the exclamations just happen to take the form of blog comments. Do I sometimes write something and cringe, thinking I'm sharing something a mother probably doesn't want to know about her child? For a moment, yes; but if I can share it with the world, why couldn't I share it with my mom?

Sometimes, if one of us writes a particularly angst-ridden post, we call each other to check-in. Other times, we call to laugh together over a post one of us written. Heck, I've even got a present or two from my mom because of hints I dropped in my blog about something I wanted. As bloggers, we also read some of the same blogs now and we gossip about we read. It's amazing how much blogging has become a part of our relationship.

(Photo Courtesy of Jenny Miller's Blog)

And now, my baby sister is blogging. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow as she steps into this very special community of bloggers. I'm also looking forward to seeing who she is as a woman and writer and an artist. Did you notice how I called her my "baby sister?" I think that as 30-somethings (some of us soon to 40-somethings) we are finally trying to grow out of the relationship of big sister-little sister, into a deeper friendship-one that only sisters can know.

So if you want to see where I came from, to see who the people are who play a very important role of who I am, visit my mom's blog and my sister's blog. You'll be surprised by the differences, but if you look very, very closely, you will see that we have a commonality that can only be found in a family.

My mom's blog: Art From Trails End

My sister's blog: Pippi "that's just wrong" Stocking