Monday, August 10, 2009

A little commercial

Every Monday in August you are going to have to bear with me and read about my Mulitple Streams of Income Online Course for artists and crafters. I'll be featuring my experts each week. The good news is you might discover someone new to follow. Even if you aren't going to sign-up for the course (Why ever not?) you can check-out my experts' blogs and websites.

(Photo courtesy of Claudine Hellmuth)

So to start off, I'm introducing my expert on teaching classes and workshops. I'm pleased to announce that Claudine Hellmuth has agreed to answer my students' questions about the subject. I've personally taken one of Claudine's classes and I was blown away by her teaching style. She shared way more information than I thought I was going to get from the class and my collage abilities improved instantly with the help of her warm and encouraging teaching style and advice. I completely understand why her classes fill-up fast at every retreat I've attended. In fact, the photo at the beginning of this post was one of the collages I created in a class Claudine taught at Art & Soul.

So, if you have been thinking about adding teaching to your artistic income plan, sign-up for my class today. You will be able to ask Claudine your burning questions about teaching classes and workshops. To read more about Claudine and visit her shop and blog go to her website at

By the way, there's still time to win the free spot in my ecourse. Visit this blog post to learn more.