Monday, August 3, 2009

super butterfly spy girl

You know how in movies there is always a kid who is a little quirky? They wear a cape or something and it's cute and funny? Somehow, I have one of those living with me. She's either wearing a crown, a tutu or a mask to the grocery store. Right now, she has decided that she is a super hero named "Super Butterfly Spy Girl". I'm not sure where it came it from. I do know that one of her superpowers is the power to turn into a butterfly. Apparently I'm the official tailor to super heros and it's been requested that I sew a cape for Super Butterfly Spy Girl. I've already cut out a paper mask, bracelets (a la Wonder Woman) and a hair clip. (Everyone knows super heros can't have their hair in their face when they are saving the world.)

I don't think I ever had super hero persona growing up and I wonder why. Is it a personality thing? All I know is that I need a super hero alter ego right now and I'm working on what mine will be. What's yours? What is her name? What are her super powers? What does she wear? Are you brave enough to go to the grocery store dressed as her? Share!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, my husband is Super Butterfly Spy Girl's sidekick. His name is Caterpillar. Seriously. Six foot six of pure Caterpillar.