Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a sweet vacation

My vacation was great, but I bet you want me to get right to the cupcakes and wine portion, right?

On Friday morning, we were some of the first customers at Saarloos & Sons. We couldn't wait to visit Enjoy Cupcakes (housed inside the Saarloos & Sons tasting room) and try out their unique tasting combining Enjoy Cupcakes' treats with the Saarloos & Sons wine. (We decided that since we were eating bakery, it wasn't really that bad to start drinking at 11:00am.)

I was greeted by Kevin Vander Vliet at the Enjoy Cupcakes counter. I introduced myself and he was incredibly friendly. He's the husband of baker extraordinaire, Amber Joy. This photo is his "cupcake" pose. (No cheesecake shots here!) We immediately felt at home and welcome and that feeling continued as Kevin introduced us at the wine bar. The Saarloos & Sons family wants you to feel like you have stopped by their (very well-decorated) farmhouse for a visit. Here's one of the rooms at the house. You can read their story here, it speaks volumes about them!

Then the real fun began. Out came the cupcakes. They were incredible and the combination of great wine and cupcakes was out of this world. The wine was wonderful and the cupcakes divine (you can see what we ate here, but hurry, it changes every week!). No commercialism here. Just good food and drink and company. We made short work of the cupcakes (next time I'm NOT sharing with my husband!). We sadly waved farewell to our new friends (who doesn't want friends who can bake and make wine?) and continued on our adventure.
Next time you find yourself in Los Olivos, California. Stop by Saarloos and Sons and Enjoy Cupcakes and say hi to everyone for us! If you aren't going to be in the area anytime soon, you can order Saarloos & Sons wine here and Enjoy Cupcakes is planning to start shipping their treats this Fall, bookmark this page so you can order their treats as soon as they start shipping! (I'm sure they'll be shipping by my 40th birthday in November-so you will have plenty of time to send me some celebratory cupcakes!)

To be continued...