Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wine and cupcakes

It's almost vacation time! My husband and I are sneaking away for a long weekend in Santa Ynez wine country. I love to take vacations. I love to plan vacations. I pour over brochures and websites for weeks ahead of time, looking for the perfect places to visit while we are away.

As you can see, I've packed our picnic for our first lunch of the trip. We are lucky enough to only live a few hours driving distance, so a picnic lunch, somewhere along the Central California Coast was in order. I know this is going to sound fussy, but I really took my time to pack our food hamper. I took the candy out of their ugly wrappers and put them in fancy bags with tied them with wine bottle themed ribbon, I pulled out our old picnic hamper and dusted off our plastic, picnic wine glasses. This is not how usually pack a picnic. I typically throw a pile of food (see photo below) into a bag and that's it.

I'm usually too busy cleaning (for some reason the house to be clean when I leave)to take the time to make the romantic picnic baskets I see in magazines and dream of having. But I had a pretty obvious aha moment this time. What will my husband and I look back on one day and remember? That the house was immaculate when we left or that we had a beautiful lunch?

So the house isn't as clean as it always is and I packaged our lunch in a way that makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Bliss. And so easy, once I got over what I should be doing vs. what I wanted to do.

Guess, what's missing though? Cupcakes! I had the greatest serendipity moment as I was reading blogs this week. I was going along, minding my own business and came to one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge. And there was the cutest cupcake shop ever on the blog. Enjoy Cupcakes. So I read on, and slowly realize that the shop is in Los Olivos. Exactly where I'll be this weekend! Obviously a higher power wants me to eat cupcakes!

If you want to be really jealous of me, visit this post on Design*Sponge, and then imagine me there on Friday. It looks like the cutest shop ever! I'll tell you how it all was when I get back.