Monday, September 14, 2009

cardboard tubes

Do you want to know how my crazy little mind works? I thought I would give you a peek this week. (It's scary in there, so wear protective clothing and sunglasses.)

When I have to come up with project ideas for publications etc., I'll get "idea block" just like everyone else, but a trip to the children's section of the library usually helps me. I was recently trying to come up with some projects that are "green". I had this book laying around the house that I took out of the library for my daughter. First I picked a project for her to work on. (It helps my creativity if she's too busy to ask me 999 questions.) We picked out this great cardboard tea set, made out of one cardboard paper towel tube. While she was making that I tried my hand that the super cool hair barrette made from a section of toilet paper roll. I was so excited by it.

I think it looks amazing and it took me five minutes to make it. And in my excitement, the ideas started to pour in. I had to cut the tube up for the barrette project and that helped me see how the material curled and acted when I manipulated it. I pulled out my idea journal and began taking notes and sketching. Before I knew it, my daughter was done with her project and was watching TV and I had two new, original projects completed.

Do you want to see them? Well, you'll have to wait until the next post. The skies are overcast today and I can't take a decent photo. But I'll be back.

In the meantime, here's the tutorial for the barrettes. I got it from the book, Look What You Can Make with Tubes.

Barrette Tutorial

1. Cut a piece of cardboard tube lengthwise on one side.
2. Cutting horizontally, cut a 2" by 3" rectangle from the tube.
3. Decorate the rectangle with paint, printed paper (used gift wrap?) and/or fabric. I used fabric for the one shown in this post.
4. Punch small holes on either end of the rectangle.
5. Slide a skewer through the holes to secure hair. SAFETY NOTE: I cut off the sharp ends! An even safer version, that can be found in the book, is to cut slits instead of holes and slide a Popsicle stick through. (The one I made is for me, so I chose to forgo the Popsicle sticks!)