Tuesday, September 1, 2009

got notebooks?

I just did a little shop update yesterday after spending the weekend creating these cute little notebooks. It became addictive and I spent hours making them. I like them because I am using up all that scrapbook paper I've bought and then saved "for something special". Somehow knowing the paper is on a notebook that will be written in and loved makes it easier to let go. And let go I need to do because my studio is overflowing!

After taking photos for the shop update though, I have to ask, "Whose 40 year old hands are those?". Seriously, sometimes aging just sneaks up on you and then WHAM! smacks you in the face (or hands in this case). After looking at these photos, I immediately moisturized my hands, filed my nails and painted them. Why didn't anyone tell me I was running around with them looking like that?