Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my thoughts on "starving artists"

My online, Multiple Streams of Income course started yesterday. In it, I mentioned that artists aren't the only ones "starving" right now. Accountants, life coaches, etc. are too. Then I said that artists just seem to get picked on about it. Which got me thinking. Why? Why are artists constantly being told that they will starve? Artists have no more of a chance of starving than any other entrepreneur, so we does society pick on us?

So I came up with a theory. It's because people are jealous. They don't want to believe that we can make a living doing something that is fun-doing something we love. Cutting and pasting and splashing paint onto a canvas. Somehow, we've all been told that "real" work has to be work and you can't be successful unless you feel like you are rolling rocks up a big ole hill.

Now, I know my accountant friends are going to back at me with, "But I love my job! Numbers make me happy!" And for some people that's true. But when you take a big, general group of people I think more people would say that it looks like making art is a lot more fun than playing with numbers.

So let's prove them wrong. Let's stop believing what they are saying. (And let's stop saying it ourselves.) Start believing that you have as much of chance at "making it" as anyone else. My September newsletter about finding your target market went out this morning. Reading it is a very good place to start on the road to making a living doing what you love.

Tell me, why do you think people tell us we will starve if we want to make art a career?