Monday, September 21, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

These are the last photos I took before my camera died. (sniffle) The good news is, after today's post, I'm somewhat caught up on showing you all my mail goodies.

In August, I participated in Modern Crush's Favorite Things Swap. I was lucky enough to matched up with Amy from Switz Art. She sent me an enormous package of all kinds of fun goodies. In fact, I'm still sifting through the box finding fun things to play with.

Of course, I didn't photograph the package I sent to her. (I need to be better about that.) Lucky for you, Amy did take a photo of what I sent her. Check it out here. I thought I did a fun wrapping job. I sent her the lyrics to the Sound of Music's song, A Few of My Favorite Things and then tagged my goodies as parts of the song. So a zine I sent her, had a tag saying, "when the dog bites". Another item had a tag that said, "when the bee stings", another said, "when I'm feeling bad". All the items I sent her really are things that "I simply remember...then I don't feel so bad." (Is the song stuck in your head now? Sorry about that.)

Speaking of the zine I sent her....It was a Borrowers zine. I bought one for myself. Remember The Borrowers books? I loved reading those when I was a little girl. As part of my summer reading project, I reread the first book and was amazed by how much it spoke to me. The whole concept of the Borrowers is how the use everyday items to make all the tiny things they need for their home. As someone who just made a tiny cake out of cardboard tubing, I realized I have a lot in common with them. If you haven't read the book in awhile, pick it up and read it again. For even more inspiration, be sure to buy yourself a Borrowers zine too.