Tuesday, September 15, 2009

totally tubular

Good news! The sun came out yesterday afternoon and I was able to get my original cardboard tube projects photographed.

The first project I came up with is super simple-photo holders. Here's how to make them:

Take a cardboard tube and cut it so that it measures one inch larger than the width of your photograph. Then cut the tube in half lengthwise. You will have half a tube. Decorate the tube with paint, fabric or decorative paper.

Measure a line across the top of the tube to fit the size of your photograph. Make sure the line is squarely centered in the top. Carefully cut through the line using a craft knife. Slide photo in the cut. (Note: I've found that pesky old gravity can get in the way if you try to display too tall a photo in this holder, so photos that are smaller and of landscape orientation work the best.) This project is cheap and easy and you can decorate the holders to match each photograph. I think a few of them grouped together would make a great table display.

My next project was all about cake. I created a cake using cardboard tubes and scrapbook paper. Cardboard tubes are perfect for this project because they already have a bend to them. Just cut the tubes to the size you want your cake layers to be. I sliced them into strips, but you could make your cake the width of the tube. You would just need to decide on the cake height then. I used stiff scrapbook paper to create the top of each layer. Then decorate. (That's the fun part.)

These would be great nestled in a box for someone's birthday or wedding shower. I made a cake small enough for Barbie. She loves it, but she would. I mean we all know she isn't going to gain an ounce even if she eats the whole cake by herself.

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Sandra Evertson has some fantastic flowers made from cardboard tubes in her book, Fanciful Paper Flowers. You can see one the projects I made from the book in this post.

My friend and fantastic artist, Jill Rosoff, recommended I look at what Accidental Mysteries posted about cardboard tubes and I was blown-away. Check out these amazing sculptures!