Monday, October 5, 2009

fancy laura

Fancy Nancy's "mom" thinks I'm fancy!

My daughter and I love the Fancy Nancy books. The stories are great, but the illustrations are my favorite. So many details and great ideas. I've been inspired many times to do crafts based on ideas I have found in the books.

Yesterday, we went to the Orange County's Children's Book Festival and the Fancy Nancy illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser was there! She looked resplendent (that's a fancy word for gorgeous) in her pink diamond tiara and hot pink feather boa. (What a job, huh? That's quite a dress code!) Once we got to the front to get our book signed, my daughter jumped on her lap and told Robin she loved her tiara. I was wearing my crystal-encrusted, cat-eye sunglasses and Robin, said, "Well, I think your mom is pretty fancy too."

All I can say is that I am still feeling fancy this morning. What a great day. Even if you don't have children, check-out a Fancy Nancy book or two, you are sure to be inspired. Click here to see some of my favorites.