Monday, October 26, 2009

getting lost in blogland

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed when I read blogs. It's almost too much inspiration some days. I usually read my favorite blogs in the morning while I drink coffee, so I use my laptop. I use Google Reader, so I read all the new entries on one screen. This ends up being a problem because, when I see a tutorial I want to try or a recipe I want, I tell myself I'll remember to go back to it. But then I'm on to the next blog and by the time I'm done reading all my favorite blogs, I've forgotten who I wanted to go back to.

So I made up a nifty form, that I keep by laptop, and whenever I see something I want to go back to, I write it down right away. I'm planning on filing all the forms in a binder so that when I need inspiration, I can just pull-out the binder and look at my notes. I'm pretty excited about it. It must be working, because this weekend, I already did 3 tutorials I saw on other blogs! (The other great thing about writing down information about where I want to revisit is when I blog about a project, I know exactly where I found the idea, so I can give proper credit to the originator of the idea!)

I thought I would share my form with you! I call it Blog Breadcrumbs because I feel like it helps me find my way in the "forest" of blogs I read! Feel free to download it here and start keeping track of your inspiration. All I ask is that you only use the form for your own use. It would also be nice if you used my nifty Blog Breadcrumbs button on your blog. Just right click on the button below and then link to this blog post. Be sure to tell you friends!

P.S. While I was feeling all organized and Martha Stewart-like, I made up a calendar similiar to the one she has in the front of her magazine. You can check it out by clicking on the "What is katydiddy doing?" button in the sidebar. I thought that, by writing down all my great plans, I might actually do them!