Friday, October 9, 2009

a good witch

I'm decorating for Halloween. As you know from this post, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but my daughter is, so the decorations must go up. The living room is being decorated as a witch's studio. Not too scary though as my daughter is only four. Just a few ravens and a general gothic feel is what we are going for in our witch's studio.

I loved Vanessa Valencia's idea to create witch's potion jars and then I found some downloads by Stampington for some vintage labels and I decided to give the project a whirl. (Want to know what's really scary? I have so much stuff packed into my little studio, I can pretty much do any project without having to run out to the store get supplies!)

First, I made some Witch Hazel. Using Mod Podge, I glued my label onto a plain bottle I had laying around. Then I filled it with golden glitter, clear corn syrup and a little water to make a glittery concoction. (If you want to know how I made it, visit my Glitter Globe tutorial here.) Once it was filled, I corked the bottle and poured some melted beeswax over the cork and let it drip a bit down the bottle.

Then I created a Insectodeth bottle. This time, I followed Vanessa's directions to glue a dry, used, coffee filter over the lid. I filled this jar with dead geranium flowers and a few glittery spiders.

My daughter was in the studio with me while I worked. Because of the hot wax, she had to sit on the other side of the room, but I told her we were making witch's potions and would need to go into the yard together to gather our ingredients. At first she was excited, but then a concerned look came over her face. "But, Mommy, let's not make any potions that could hurt people, okay?" I assured her we were only pretending and that our make-believe magic could only cast good spells. What a good little witch I have!