Monday, October 12, 2009

A guest

I wanted to introduce you to one of my star students. Robinsunne took my Multiple Streams of Income ecourse and I asked her to take a moment to tell everyone about her experience. I thought it would helpful to those of you who are debating about taking my Creative Marketing Ecourse. Here's what Robinsunne had to say:

1. What did you think of your ecourse experience?

I really enjoyed this class. I was introduced to ideas that I hadn't thought about before, and it was all presented in an exciting, challenging way.

I am a fiber and mixed media artist. I have been trying to figure out the balance that keeps me sane between my job as a mom and my vocation as an artist. But in that balance I had never considered the possibilities of concurrent, multiple incomes. It makes so much sense - but I hadn't thought that I could be a single parent and figure out multiple sources of income. Kind-of brain overload, you know? But the way that you organized the class had all of the ideas and homework flowing nicely from one to the next.

And the best part is that some of these incomes can be passive: once I have set them up, they will "run themselves" to some extent. We are getting really excited about blossoming independence here in our young teenage house! It is fabulous to think that my artwork can do the same.

2. Have you already applied some of the things you learned in your business? If so, what?

I will say that I feel more solid in my plan to be a writer of books. I had already started that plan: I have self published two picture books and one craft, how-to book with another in progress.

(Photo courtesy of Robinsunne)

All are available at my website: Your course in Multiple Streams of Income has helped me to see that the quiet, private work of writing can be balanced by my social hours of teaching, that in between the thrilling work of book promotions are the gentle conversations on my blog.

3. What was your favorite part of the ecourse?

I really liked the interviews with your guest experts. They were all very inspiring, and I got something out of each one of their stories - even if I am not choosing their income paths just now.

I know that though the class is over, as I have been re-reading the materials that you gave us, I am continuing to find even more inspiration, and that the benefits of the class will continue to unfold.

What makes me happiest about this interview is that Robinsunne has confirmed that I am accomplishing my purpose in life-to help other women achieve balance in their lives.

There's still time to sign-up for the Creative Marketing Ecourse. I'm extending sign-ups until Wednesday, October 14. The course begins on October 15. You can sign-up here. There's also still time to win a free spot! Visit this post to learn more.

I hope I'll "see" you in class!